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PET strapping products Inquiry

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Inquiry Time:2017-09-25 13:43

Deadline:2017-10-31 00:00

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PET strapping products CNF Jeddah seaport Saudi Arabia price/ roll 15x0.9 mm Green color Containers 20’’ others Nu
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    Inquiry for PET strapping products; Please send a quotation with rock bottom price for one Containers 20’’ for (15x0.9 mm Green color). CNF Jeddah seaport Saudi Arabia price/ roll. -oscillated PET strapping; coil Length is 2000 m. Strap Size: 15 mm X 0.9 mm; Tensile strength: Mpa 55; Elongation %: 125; Tensile Modulus Gpa: 2.7; Packing: - Each Roll is good tying. Quantity: One container 20’’
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